This Is Exactly Why You Should Not Pay Attention To Your Friends For Fitness Advice

Women who lost weight are a source of inspiration for those who struggle to get slimmer. Because they slimmed down, these newly lean women believe that a program that helped them must help others; they start teaching how to lose weight. Yet to follow their advice could be unavailing.    

Internet is full of "before and after" photos of women who succeeded in building lean bodies. While these women command respect and win applause for their hard work, many of them are not qualified to teach others; few of these women become certified nutritionists or professional athletes, after they have lost weight; therefore, to live by their example might be dangerous for their followers or, at best, unhelpful. Other women dreaming of slimming down are advised to approach their health with more responsibility and look for help from professional quarters. This is not to say, of course, that you do not need to befriend these
who lost weight on facebook or elsewhere. Talk to them by all means, but look at them purely as your inspiration, not as teachers. On your fitness journey, you surely need people who will boost your confidence and will support your belief that you can achieve results; otherwise, you will give up trying. Those counselors in whose footsteps you want to follow need their followers for similar reasons: their objective is to keep their recently lowered weight unchanged. Social groups they organize are meant to motivate overweight people as much as they motivate mentors to stay fit.      In your desire to emulate others, you should remember that our bodies are not
identical. Even though we are physically constructed more or less similarly, the speed of our metabolism, our eating habits, and our temperaments are radically different. The program that helped one person will not necessarily help you. Some benefit most from dieting, some from working out, some from the combination of exercising and dieting. If those who lost weight swear by a particular diet plan or exercise routine, keep in mind that should you stick to them, you might not achieve equal results. Speak to professional trainers and dieticians instead, if you need to get healthy or change your body. When you need a lawyer or a plumber,
you go to professionals, don't you? Professional trainers will not only explain to you how your body works but will choose diet and exercise program that will meet your needs best. They will also motivate you in a unique, individual way. What is even more important is that professional trainers will be responsible for your health and achievements. This kind of responsibility is rarely shouldered by counselors on social websites.  

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