This Guy Is Our New Dating Hero

If you don’t have the luck of being married or in a long term committed relationship today’s dating game must be pure hell for you.

One guy that grew tired of it found a way of letting girls know he’s on the market, will it turn into a new craze?

Between various dating apps, dating sites and social media as a whole, dating over the past few years has become NSA territory - you're basically trying to learn all you can about an "enemy" so that you can conquer the objective, while suffering minimal losses to your own troops or information. It's a race for information, and it's often a race that costs you what is possibly the most important part of any relationship, or at least the most important part of a relationship that's just starting out - find out things about each other. There are many ways to counter this
picking up women in real life locations like bars, shows, stores or anywhere on the street is a start, but doesn't insure you that they won't look you up as soon as you walk away. You can also try to go "cold turkey" and set a meeting right away, but most people will think you're a weirdo (at best) if you suggest that. So how do you go about putting yourself out there without coming off crazy? Well, have you considered turning your own body into a billboard? Steve Bergstrom did just that recently, he ran the Chicago marathon with his contact info painted
into his back, and a massive "single" etched on it for good measure. Running a marathon while half naked and advertising yourself as single does send quite a powerful message don't you think? We tried doing the same, but the 50 yards to our local 7/11 to grab some snacks wasn't enough distance to draw attention...

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