Thai Teen Makes Some Amazing Homemade Outfits

A 15-year-old Thai teen has turned into an Internet sensation after posting photos of himself in bold homemade outfits modeled in fierce poses.

The teen refers to himself as "ThaiBan Fashionist" (Thai fashionista) and posts incredible pictures of his outfits that are all made from everyday materials. According to Boa Informacao, the blogger’s real name is Madaew and the beautiful backgrounds of his photos are his home in the Khon Kaen province of northeastern Thailand. Some of the materials that Madaew uses include straws, small teddies, local flora and all sorts of plant varieties.  Every outfit is shot in a fierce vogue pose and can easily appear on the pages of leading fashion magazines. Blogging, especially where fashion blogging is concerned, has opened up
doors to those with an eye for style. From Susi Bubble to Tavi Gevinson, fashion bloggers have turned from simpletons with a flair for all things fashion into full-fledged fashionistas sitting front row center at leading fashion shows around the globe. With Madaew's incredible talent, we could easily see him as the next contestant on Project Runway. Turning the everyday and mundane into a work of art is truly a skill in its own right and the pictures definitely speak for themselves. Rock it!      

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