She Thought She Found Her Prince Charming, She Was Wrong And She’s Happier For It

Pippa McKinney Looks like a delightful young woman, when she went out clubbing the other week she thought she’d met an equally great guy, but was saddened to learn she’d entered his phone number incorrectly.

The internet came to her rescue, but the story then took an unexpected turn.

Sometimes, our lives can seem like a fairy tale, and that was just the case for Pippa. She went clubbing with a few friends and ran into a harming guy by the name of Matt, as the night wore on, they seemed to hit it off, kissed, and he gave Pippa his phone number. So far, so Good - a real modern version of Cinderella. But then things went sideways. It Seems Pippa entered the number incorrectly into her phone, and now had no way of contacting her possible prince charming, all she had to remember him by was a shared photo they took
the club. So Pippa did what people do these days - she went to the internet community in hopes of locating said prince. And the internet, as the internet does on occasion, obliged, turning Pippa's post viral in the span of 24 hours. 14,000 likes and over 2,000 shares later, a trail began to emerge, and Pippa soon wished it hadn't. It seems that her knight in shinning armor already had another princess waiting at home when he ran into our Cinderella. When it turned out that Matt was already in a relationship the internet began lynching him for his despicable actions, with some people
even going as far as pointing their rage towards Pippa. For the time being, it would seem that Matt and his girlfriend have patched things up, and Pippa is resolved to moving on and away from the whole ordeal. We're quite sure she'll be much more careful the next time she goes clubbing, and we wish her someone that turns out to be a real prince, not a fake one.

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