Rupert Murdoch’s Unbelievable Habits For Success

Australian-American business magnate Rupert Murdoch is the CEO of global media holding company News Corporation, the world’s second-largest media conglomerate. Being at the fore of such a high-demanding position instills many leaders with habits that enable them to navigate the most challenging of situations and maintain calm under pressure.

1. MeditationMurdoch relies on a grounding meditation practice to help him navigate daily life and challenging situations. He admits that meditation has been a huge component to his success. In a recent tweet, he wrote: "trying to learn transcendental meditation. Everyone recommends, not that easy to get started, but said to improve everything!"2. Be ruthlessTo make it in a cut-throat news business, Murdoch knew he had to be ruthless pursuing his goals. “We have no intention of failing,” says Murdoch. “The only question is how great a success we’ll have.” He was fearless and there was never an obstacle that was
big to overcome. 3. SacrificeMuch of Murdoch's success is attributed to his willingness to sacrifice what is needed to achieve business milestones. His aim was to make his company a success no matter who he had to cross over along the way.4. Fierce passionIt's all about pushing boundaries and surpassing limits. Murdoch has been known to work 16-hour days and has kept up this habit into advanced age. What's more, he claims he will never quit his company.

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