Rare White Whale Spotted Off The Coast Of Australia

Migaloo, a rare white humpback whale was recently spotted off the coast of Australia and has caused a media uproar for its latest appearance.

A white humpback whale was recently spotted off the coast of Queensland, Australia and is believed to be Migaloo, one of only four white humpback whales in the entire world. Every time he makes an appearance, media sources go crazy trying to capture the spotting before he migrates to only appear up to a year later. He was last spotted in the Cook Straight and speculators are afire trying to figure out if it's him or not. If it is true, it will be the first sighting of this rare whale since his migration up the east coast of Australia just last
there are two sources that believe otherwise. White Whale Research Centre founder Oskar Peterson told AAP that the whale in question was too small and too white. “It is probably Migaloo Junior”. SeaWorld marine sciences director, Trevor Long, agrees. He told ABC Radio, “it’s an animal that was first sighted in 2011 and it’s been dubbed the ‘Son of Migaloo’… Migaloo is a full adult male and this animal that we saw today is a lot smaller.”  

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