Why Nike Remains The World’s Most Valuable Sportswear Brand

Nike is a global sportswear best-seller and the go-to brand for consumers and sports team alike. The company has gone from selling running shoes from the back of a Plymouth Valiant to becoming the world’s foremost athletic footwear and apparel company.

Ever since Nike's founding, the company has had innumerable years of formidable sales revenues and there are countless more reasons it will truly explode into the sportswear sector over the upcoming years, here's why: 1. Unparalleled innovationNike is unsurpassed in its ability to innovate and convert insights from athletes and consumers into leading products and services that no other company can deliver with equally-weighted impact.2. Consumer focusNike is aware of the need to remain agile and meet fluctuating consumer demands. To understand what customers really need, Nike aims to grow the one-to-one relationship by fully exploring each consumer's sport. Nike's category offense has been most
in pushing forward Young Athletes, Running, Basketball and Football.3. A thriving digital ecosystemNike fully understands the demand for digital by their consumer base. Customers want real-time, personalized feedback on their performance and easy access to products and services that will help them improve. Nike's imminent goal is to grow the NIKE+ community from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of members.4. Athletic apparel is only gaining speedThe market for sportswear has experienced a tremendous uptrend, particularly where casual sportswear is concerned. People want to be comfortable, and casual day-to-night athletic sportswear has been quite the rage.

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