Make Your Own Laughs With

There’s a belief in this day of the internet that to win with a product means you have to be first on the market with it.

But one site intends on showing everyone that being first is not enough, you have to be good at what you do!

Let's face it - a lot of us browse aimlessly for hours on the internet, sometimes we're looking for something to read about, sometimes it's just to find another cat video and sometimes we just need something to make us laugh. One of the most common ways to make people laugh - at least in recent years, has been the gif. With its relatively "light" weight and its ability to tell a story in just a few seconds, some have elevated gif creation to a modern art form, there are even actual artists using gifs as a medium for some of their
are quite a few sites across the internet that are dedicated to gifs - some of them are just a collection of various gifs from random places, others are dedicated to certain topics and then there are those that offer gif creation services, for those of us that want to create something funny, instead of just watching it. has one of the largest most famous gif collections on the web, but up until recently it was just a stockpile of gifs. But that has just changed with the introduction of's own gif creator. The creator is as simple as they come,
and was designed with the average user in mind and it comes at an absolutely perfect time for most of us - just weeks after Facebook has started allowing animated gifs to be uploaded in all sorts of places. So go ahead, use's creator and go viral, or at least make a few Facebook friends chuckle.

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