Kendra Wilkinson’s Top Marriage Tips

Kendra Wilkinson has weathered some serious storms with husband Hank Baskett and has managed to keep her marriage alive for 6 years. 

Kendra Wilkinson is the star of reality show Kendra On Top. She has been married to ex-football star Hank Baskett for the past 6 years and shares just what she does to keep the marriage alive and kicking.1. Always look forward to something togetherShe says that she and Hank both love golf and with kids in the picture, it can be difficult to schedule in time for such activities. She recommends to tell each other "let’s try to find time to golf together." She goes on to say "it’s a way to stimulate the excitement with each other and it’s just
we’re into. Why not just plan something? Look forward to something all the time. Don’t ever get too comfortable."2. Make an adventure bookMake a book with the things that you want to do together like what you want to see and where you want to travel to. 3. Renew your commitment every couple of years because people change.4. Leave role-playing to the bedroom, not real life.Kendra says: "Hank and I, we fell into the trap. We fell into the rule book. Like, OK we’re married so that means the husband has to do this and the wife has to do this.
We’re supposed to feel this way."5. Focus on your health.Both people in the marriage should be inspiring each other to be healthy. She suggests meditating together or working out together. Healthy body equals healthy mind and soul. They all work in tandem.

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