Hydro Hammock Is Possibly World’s Most Relaxing Invention

A Kickstarter campaign has generated enough funds to begin production of hydro hammocks which are a cross between traditional hammocks and hot tubs. 

Hammocks are incredibly relaxing when you're trying to unwind after work or relax on a hot summer day nestled amongst the shade of trees. But what happens when you add temperature-controlled water to the mix? Well, a hydro hammock of course.  Developed by Benjamin Frederick, it functions as a hammock, hammock hot tub, portable hot tub liner for sand or snow, hammock waterbed and swinging pool. It also features a water heater system that heats pressure water added through a garden hose or by drawing water from a stream or lake. The water heater system also works as an outdoor
which with a basin and filter, one may take a 2-hour shower using less than 3 gallons of water. If you enjoy long showers, but don't want to deal with huge water bills, this is definitely your match.The Kickstarter campaign was successful and the founder was able to raise the necessary funds to get it branded / patented and out to market before other companies caught on to the idea. Hydro Hammock production is currently taking place in Oregon and the product can be ordered directly from the company's website.   .  

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