How To Build The Ultimate Dream Team For Success

If you’re thinking of starting your own business, or already have a start-up in the works, read on below for some of our top tips on building a dream team to boost your future success. 

1. Look for character before skillsOf course you need a skillful person for the job with plenty of experience, but hiring for character before talent will help you over the long run. While it may take extra time to find someone who fits the bill from a technical and cultural perspective, the payoff will be well worth it in the end.2. Dispense with those derailing your visionTip #1 is crucial because it will enable you to avoid the dreaded task of firing employees. Although you know you need to do it and that it will help your company in the
and long-term, it's no easy walk in the park. Know when you need to dispense with individuals that are holding back your business instead of helping it to evolve and grow.3. Get mentors in your circleMentors and coaches are great to have by your side because they've usually been around the entrepreneurial block a few times and can provide valuable insight. 4. Build your team through a joint ventureIf you know of a company that has target customers who would love your products, it may be a smart move to partner with them. The company may not have a certain business
model in place, which is where you would come in, all while sticking to doing what you know best. 5. Nurture your relationshipsThis couldn't hold truer than with the relationships you hold with vendors, suppliers and contractors. Make sure you choose the very best and treat them well. 

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