How Successful Entrepreneurs Manage Their Time

Time is always played out as one of the scarcest resources and is usually the most-touted excuse when it comes to not accomplishing tasks. Nevertheless, there are a number of ways to effectively manage your time and leave some to spare.

“The best time to start was last year. Failing that, today will do.” – Chris Guillebeau 1. Delegate tasksIt will be near impossible to complete all tasks on your own, especially when someone far more skilled can tackle them. Learn to delegate your tasks to your team members and it will free up your time and energy in the most unexpected ways.2. JournalTake one week to journal how much time you spend on any given task. Reading emails, group meetings, phone calls and accomplishing personal tasks. This will help you to figure out where most of your time is being spent and plan
FocusTrying to accomplish everything for everyone, instead of something for someone will leave you with nothing. While multi-tasking serves its purpose in certain situations, focus on completing one task at a time before moving forward.  4. PlanIf you are overwhelmed with to-do lists, take 30 minutes from the beginning of your day to plan out how you will spend your time and follow it to a T.5. FilterYou do not have to read every email or message your receive. Similarly, you can avoid distractions from social media by scheduling in a set time for such activities. 6. Take it easyTrying to accomplish everything
all at once will greatly increase the likelihood of stress and burnout. It takes time to see projects to their completion and burnout will significantly reduce your productivity in the short and long-term. Slow and steady wins the race.   

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