How Li Ka-Shing Became Hong Kong’s Richest Tycoon

Li Ka-Shing is a self-made billionaire and the richest man in Asia, with a net worth of over $31 billion. He has holdings in industries such as cement production, real estate, banking and steel production.

Li Ka-Shing began his entrepreneurial road map at the early age of 22 when he started his own business manufacturing plastic toys. The company operated under the name Cheung Kong and soon evolved into a real estate agency that was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange as of 1972. When Cheung Kong Industries acquired Hutchison Whampoa Limited, it created a massive conglomerate that expanded into various other sectors including retail and telecommunications.   Below are some tips from the Li Ka-Shing foundation that you can apply to your investment strategy as well: As a leader, one should spend more time than
planning for the future. I do not get overly optimistic when the market is good, nor overly pessimistic when the market is down. A good reputation for yourself and your company is an invaluable asset not reflected in the balance sheets. It doesn’t matter how strong or capable you are; if you don’t have a big heart, you will not succeed. To be a successful manager, attitude and ability are equally important ingredients. A leader inspires others to greatness. A boss dominates his subordinates and makes them feel small. Though a universal formula for success is difficult to come by, caution signs for failure are
posted everywhere. Establishing a structure that serves to minimize failure will prove to be a shortcut to success. Successful managers should also have a keen eye for talent. They not only select people who are smarter than themselves, but also avoid picking corporate superstars whose reputation precedes them. The art of good management lies in the capacity to accept change, and the ability to meld new and traditional thinking.  

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