Drink More Beer! It Could Be Good For You!

In what could only be categorized as the best news of the week/month/year/ever for Germans, English, Australian and virtually all Men and quite a few Women – A new research shows that beer drinking could actually keep certain illnesses away.

Sure, we all like to socialize over a pint at the local watering hole after work, or over the weekend with a few friends, or while watching the big game, or because it's a day that ends with a Y. But a recent study conducted in China, in the Lanzhou school of chemistry, shows that drinking beer might actually have positive effects, particularly when in comes to certain diseases that appear at older ages - like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. Now before you get all excited and started listing beer as a cure for the common cold, a broken toe or any other
the study did NOT show that beer actually cures anything. It did however reveal that beer contained several chemical compounds that help slow down the spread of quite a few brain diseases - specifically a compound by the name of "xanthohumol" that contains anti-carcinogenic, anti-oxidation and cardiovascular protection properties. Brain based diseases like Alzheimer's result in memory loss and mood swings, mostly because neuron cells in the brain decay over time, but the compound "xanthohumol" acts as an additional layer around brain cells, slowing down the decay process and warding off the effects of such diseases. Isn't it ironic really that we drink
to forget, and what we drink might actually help us remember better?

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