Do You Take Care To Look Younger? Your Genes Might Make Your Efforts Futile

American scientists have just published conclusions drawn from research on aging processes in humans. Studying for a decade how their subjects aged, scientists decided that people age differently. At the age of 38 years, some subjects looked 28 years old; others 61. The reason for this physical difference is curious.

To calculate their subjects' biological age, the researchers used 18 physiological markers. The subjects underwent medical examination, which included an assessment of the health of their kidneys, liver, lungs, immune system, metabolism, analysis of cholesterol (high density lipoprotein), cardiorespiratory endurance, and telomere length (regions of chromosomes that shorten with age). Then data were compared with the subjects' actual age. A more than a decade later, the scientists analyzed the whole collected data with the aim of understanding why some people age quicker or slower than others. The subjects participating in the research, indeed, physically looked differently, even though they all were aged 38. Some
them looked as young as 28; others were thought to be as old as 61. When the subjects' photos were shown to another group of people, they also judged them as being of different ages. The major conclusion the researches made out of the analyzed data is that our style of life is only 20% responsible for the way we age. 80% of our aging is predetermined by our genes. Each of us has a gene of aging. With some people, it is very active; with other, it is less so. Moreover, 7% of us have genes inherited from our parents that make
us look 7-10 years older. 38% of us look about 4 years older than the rest of our coevals. 55% of people do not have this genetic material at all. Our aging depends, therefore, not only and not so much on various environmental factors and on our life style but rather on our genes. Try as we might, some of us are simply genetically conditioned not to be able to stop the clock of aging.  

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