Desperately Searching For A New Coat? These Coats Are So Hot Right Now

We know what you need this season to look stylish and confident: a coat. No autumn can be enjoyed without it. The main requirement from the coat this season is that it should be well-cut and made from quality materials. Read what coats are in vogue at the moment.

This season brings a broad range of styles from which to choose a suitable coat. Designers present us with classic monogamous or colorful coats; they also advise to wear both simple and elaborate styles, with numerous details and embroideries;  or they offer you long, short, or military versions of this outer garment. What is common to all designers, however, is their promise to make your life brighter with the coat of your choice, despite the chilly weather outside. Colors. If you find a monogamous coat uninteresting, there are bright coats with different patterns and figures to choose from. Colors particularly in fashion this season are of autumn leaves
withering flowers. You will feel in harmony with autumn weather, if you combine these colors in your clothes. Cotton. If you are not particularly fond of cotton clothes, this season will make you fall in love with this fabric. This material allowed designers to realize their wildest fantasies, to which their coats with fringes, fur, and plaits bear conspicuous witness.  Their cotton coats will make you look equally stylish in the office at work and while walking through the  park. If you want to turn heads on the streets, choose a cotton coat with stripes of bright fur woven into it.  And there
are cashmere and woolen coats in which you will feel beautiful too.   Double-Breasted Coat. The main feature distinguishing the shape of coats this season is two rows of buttons and overlapping fronts. Double-breasted coats are various: short and long, fitted and loose, with narrow and broad lapels. Do not be afraid to buy a double-breasted coat, because it promises to be a massive hit; it will also look differently on you every time you put it on, if you add different accessories to it.   Fur Collar and Cuffs. Even a small piece of fur can add luster to the simplest coat. Remember this trick of transformation, because it might help
you look ultra fashionable even in your last season coat. Just add a fur collar or cuffs to it and your old coat will become unrecognizably up to date. There is another significant benefit from wearing fur: it will warm you more. Do not be afraid to try on coats which are out of your comfort zone. Surprise yourself with your choice and shortly you will see your coat and yourself in a new, fashionable light.

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