By Working Hard And Long Hours You Dig Your Own Grave.

Workaholics are people who are compelled to work; they work longer hours and harder than others. They lose track of time, neglect family and other social relations. Workaholics’ obsession with work often provokes bitter condemnation from friends and relatives. Here are other reasons why working hard is not commendable.

Working Shifts Wears You Down. There are people who are excited that they planned their working week so smartly that they squeezed 40 hours into three long shifts, leaving two days free to be able to do businesses unrelated to their main job. Or there are people who choose to work only night shifts. Well, these people are in danger of seriously damaging their health and die prematurely. Working shifts, despite some benefits of such schedule, causes heart disease, diabetes, and ulcer, obesity, and cancer. The problem is that working shifts messes up your circadian rhythm in your body, which, like a clock, tells you
it is time to sleep or wake up. This leads to premature, accelerated aging. With age, working shifts will weaken your cognitive abilities. You will start lose your memory. Travelling To Work Place Increase Depression And Upset Sleep. You might think that travelling to work every day is not a great evil. Yet spending more than half an hour on the road every day makes you feel anxious and unhappy. The quality of your sleep also suffers. Not only you do not sleep enough, because travelling to work take time away from sleep, but also because you wake up unrested. With time, the situation gets even worse: your cholesterol
and sugar level jump up, and so does your blood pressure. Business Trips Lead  To Obesity And Stress. If you often go on business trip, there is bad news for you. One day spending a lot of time on a plane in a sitting position will cause you problems with your musculoskeletal system. People travelling a lot also often have obesity; there are also chances that their cholesterol and sugar level will be higher than normal. And another drawback of a long-distance job: your frequent absence at home might lead to problems in your family. Extra Hours And Low Pay Cause Heart Problems. Another piece of bad news for
those who work more than 11 hours a day: these people have the staggering 67% chances to get all sorts of heart diseases. Low salaries are also connected to bad health. Poor people more often than others gain extra weight and have hypertension.   If people express their admiration at how much you work, do not listen to them. Nor should you feel proud of yourself. Being workaholic has  serious health hazards. You will be healthier, if you work less.  

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