Australia’s Prime Minister Caught Eating Raw Onions Twice

Could this be the beginnings of a high raw vegan diet on the political front? PM Tony Abbot has been filmed on two separate occasions eating raw onions.

What is is with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and raw onion fare? Cameras have caught him not once, but twice eating onions on cue. The latest coverage was found by ABC news as the crew was hunting for file vision, they found footage of him enjoying a fresh spring onion at a Queensland Farm in 2011. What's even odder is that this isn't the first time it's happened. Back in March, he was captured munching on a brown onion with the skin still in tact at a farm in Tasmania. What's even weirder is that he was offered an
quiche prior to this, but opted instead for the uncooked version. As ABC reported: "chief executive Lechelle Earl delivered a sweet potato, fetta and caramelised onion quiche, but the PM's first choice was the raw deal." Australia has elected a Prime Minister that just won't stop eating raw onions and we can't decide if it's weird or if he's just caught on to the trending raw veganism movement. Tony Abbot is clearly FOR onions. Let's watch the parliament try to convince him¬†otherwise.¬†    

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