Think You Know It All? You Probably Don’t Know About These Clever Life Hacks

People in general keep a lot of information in their heads. With the development of internet, learning new facts became quicker and easier. If in the past, in order to know, people needed to read thick books, now we only need to consult our electronic devices to dig up new information. As a result, we now know much more than our ancestors. But there are still facts that nobody knows about. Read on and you will become an exception.   

1.How To Measure Your Height

You seem to know how to measure your height, since you can remember yourself; or to be precise, since you remember how your parents leaned you against the door and marked the place where the top of your head touched it. So, the question of how to measure one's height seems inane, to put it mildly. Yet there is an alternative way to take measurements of your height, which you do not know about. Spread your arms to the right and left sides. The distance between your middle fingers is how tall you are.

2.Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate is good for not the reason you think. Just as milk chocolate, it contains sugar; so eating it is as unhealthy as eating sugar in general. But dark chocolate is good for your teeth: it slows down the development of caries. So, next time after the meal, do not chew Orbit. Dark chocolate will prevent your teeth from bad odor and decay just as well.

3.What Does Viagra Do?

Most of the adult people know, of course, what Viagra does to men, regardless whether they take the pill or not. But few of adults know that Viagra keeps flowers from withering. So, next time, when you want your plants stay fresh and blooming for long, dissolve a pill of Viagra in water and pour it on them. Your plants will flourish.

4.How Many Shades Of Gray We See?

Our reply to this question will be almost automatic, because of the book and movie we have recently seen or heard about. Whether we are familiar with sexual escapades shown in this narrative, we firmly associate shades of gray with number "50" thanks to it. Yet in fact, our eyes can distinguish as many as 500 shades of gray. But whether this means that our brains and bodies can be submitted to the larger number of sexual adventures is still unclear.

5.Where the Hell Is?

Even though nobody, apart probably from the fictional Dante, has ever came back from real Hell, our culture seems to have some answers to this question. Each religion adumbrates some geographic location, where people spend eternity in pain for their sins. Yet not many people know, apart, probably, from citizens of Norway, that Hell is located in their country. There is a small city called Hell. It remains to be discovered how terrible it is and if people return from there.

6.What Rats Share With Us?

The question is for biologists. They will probably come up with a list of common features between humans and these rodents. Not for nothing are much of medicine designed for people tested first on rats. We must have a lot in common, since the same medicine cures both of us. Yet there is one shared feature that not many people know about: rats laugh by tickling. Just like us do. It is only unclear whether they can tickle each other or they need us to give them tickling.

7.How Long Is The Day?

Well, this question is redundant again, because children learn an answer to it when they are aged five or six. Ask any of them and they answer without blinking that the day contains 24 hours, as simple as that. Yet to be mathematically exact, this is not so. Our day contains 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds. Please, help us fight ignorance and spread this knowledge among others. It is painful that people plan their day sometimes a week ahead without knowing how much time in this day!

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