The Most Toxic Places Around The World

Pollution has been growing around the world on a yearly places. The global issue is more dominant in certain places than others. 

1.The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It consists of plastic waste at two times the size of Texas and over thirty feet deep

2.The Yamuna river in India is filled with waste and New Dehli alone contributes about 3,296 MLD of sewage per day.

3.The lead smelter in Oroya, Peru has resulted in huge amounts of lead that have polluted the city.

4.Lake Karachay in Russia is highly radioactive. A person can get a lethal dose within an hour of being in the area.

5.Rondonia, Brazil is the most deforested region of the Amazon Rainforest. Thousands of acres of trees have been burned down.

6.Linfen, China is considered the most polluted city in the world. Industrial manufacturing and automobile pollution are the leading causes of the heavy smog

7.Man has even polluted space with million pounds of space debris and vacants spacecraft currently orbiting the earth.

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