The Cutest Animals Eating Popsicles To Stay Cool in Summer

Our furry friends from around the world love to cool down with popsicles and ice cream just like the rest of us. Join these cute critters as they enjoy some of the perks of hot summer days. 

1.Some zebras at Taronga zoo in Sydney enjoy some frozen carrots. One of the healthiest frozen treats we've seen.

2.When was the last time you enjoyed a frozen treat bigger than your body? This macaque is from Sendai Yagiyama Zoological Park in Miyagi, Japan

3.More healthy frozen treats. Polar bears enjoy frozen apples at at Tennoji Zoo in Osaka, Japan.

4.Cuddly panda Wei Wei chilling on a block of ice at Wuhan Zoo in China.

5.A bear at the Israeli zoo of Ramat Gan is in awe of two blocks of fish and fruit flavored ice.

6.Popsicle love for a chimpanzee in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

7.Just some lionesses fighting over who gets the ice block first.

8.A red panda taking a nap beside a huge block of ice as temperatures in China reached 104 F.

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