Struggles Only Art Students Face

Most people that envisionĀ art school or art majors, immediately think that it’s nothing but an easy walk in the park. You just go into the studio and draw or paint for a few hours, right?

1.Preparing for art critiques can be a complete labor of love and they go over time more often than not.

2.There's nothing like having to get up at the crack of dawn to stare at an old man's junk all morning

3.It's public art, you would never understand.

4.Most equipment you need to finish art projects can only be found at the art school's studio. So long working from home in PJs.

5.You have only one of two choices: concept or craftsmanship. YOU CAN'T DO BOTH.

6.When you've destroyed one too many outfits while painting.

7.You have so much software on your computer that it constantly crashes, overheats and stalls with the eternal spinning wheel of horror

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