Seven Things You Did Not Know About Switzerland

When you think of Switzerland, what comes to your mind? You will think of watches such as Rado, Omega, and Rolex, of cheese, of which this country has 250 varieties, of Zurich, and Alps. You will  think of this country’s banks, famous for their privacy policy. You will remember that this country is bound by diversity of languages and religions and that it has four national languages. Read about other facts concerning Switzerland that you have probably never heard before.


Switzerland is famous for its chocolate: everyone who does not like its chocolate has never tasted it. Swiss chocolate is the largest export material of its country. Every year 7 million pieces of Toblerone is made there.


Switzerland has the highest salaries in the world. Last year an average teacher salary was 120000 dollars.

3.Starnge Monuments

If you travel to Switzerland you can see there a monument to a person devouring babies. It is there for more than 500 years, but nobody is sure about its history or symbolism. There is another unusual monument in Geneva. It is a massive chair with only three legs. It symbolizes the country's stand against the use of landmines.

4.No Single Ruling Authority

Switzerland does not have one person such as president or prime minister as its ruler. Instead, it has seven people ruling the country. They are members of parliament and each functions as a head of the government. Switzerland also does not have a capital. Bern is its capital de facto. It is also the only country with real democracy. Its every citizen can, theoretically at least, object to any law and make amendments in the country's constitution.

5.Swiss Knife

The only part of the legendary Swiss knife not made in Switzerland is a corkscrew. It is made in Japan.


The amount of Swiss fines for speeding depends on its citizens' incomes. For example, one resident who was riding  the "Ferrari" was fined a quarter of a million dollars for speeding: his annual income was about one million dollars.

7.Nuclear War

In case of nuclear war, Switzerland has bunkers, which can hide the entire population of the country. Also in case of war, its citizens can easily turn their roads to runways by removing interchanges and intersections.

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