Seven Small Facts About Dating

Dating is not an easy process, not least because it is a new phenomenon in the history of the human kind. Dating as institution has emerged in the last few centuries. At the beginning, dating was a kind of courtship ritual, where women were entertaining male suitors in their homes under watchful eyes of chaperones. With time dating became a self-initiated activity with two people going out in public as a couple. Other interesting facts about dating are listed below.   

1.How Many Dates Do We Have In General?

On the average, people go for a hundred dates before they settle.

2.When Do People Call It A Day?

Usually, people split up within four or five months of dating.

3.The Rule Of Calling

There is an unwritten law that one should wait two or four days after the first meeting to call one's date to arrange for the second meeting. Waiting more than four days will be rude.

4.How Soon Do We Decide If We Like A Person

Sociologists from the University of Pennsylvania maintain that we decide if we like a person or not within three seconds.

5.How Many Dates Should You Have Before You Decide That You Are Serious

On the average, it takes a couple to go for eight dates in order to decide if they want to take their relationship to the next level. This does not mean, of course, that you need to count how many dates you have already had in order to understand where you stand with your partner.

6.Office Romances

Four out of ten office romances end in marriage.

7.How Many Dates Should We Have In Order To Realize If We Are In Love?

Sociologists say that a woman needs to go on fourteen dates in order to understand if she loves her date; men need only three dates to realize this.

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