Mysteries Of Our Universe That Even Experts Cannot Explain

If you do not know much about our Universe, its planets, and its stars, and, in general, how it functions, do not get upset. You are not alone in your ignorance. Although scientists know much more than the majority of lay people about our and other planets, there are phenomena that they cannot understand and describe. Even experts seem to be doomed to look at various cosmic events in bewilderment. There are some phenomena below that nobody can yet explain.  

1.Boomerang Nebula

With the temperature at -272 ° C , the Boomerang Nebula becomes the coldest place in the universe. Its temperatures is so crazily low, because the nebula expands at a speed of 367,000 miles per hour, which is about 10 times faster than the movement of the fastest man-made vehicle existing now in the Universe called New Horizons.


This gigantic star is 256 times more massive than our Sun; it also shines 7.4 million times brighter than it. Scientists believe that the object R136a1 has been formed of several other stars; but still they cannot understand why it has been existing for so long.

3.J0100 + 2802

The object of J0100 + 2802 can be rightly considered the oldest black hole in the galaxy. When our universe was only 875 million years old, this hole had already been formed of 12 billion Suns. For comparison, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way has dimensions of just 5 million Suns.

4.Galaxy X

Galaxy X, discovered by Indian astronomers, almost entirely consists of mysterious dark matter. It was possible to see it only thanks to its influence of surrounding stars. Scientists suggest that Galaxy X marks the beginning of the creation of the biggest black hole in the universe.

5.Smith's Cloud

A giant cloud of gas has a mass that a few million times bigger than the mass of our Sun. In contrast to our Sun, Smith's cloud rushes towards the Milky Way. 70 million years ago it collided with our galaxy. In 30 million years, astronomers predict a new collision, but no one knows what consequences it will have.

6.The Planet Hermet, CFBDSIR2149

The age of this recently discovered lonely planet is only 70 million years. It is fairly close to our galaxy. It seems that the object CFBDSIR2149 was thrown out of its home place and now is doomed to lead a lonely life of a hermit.

7.Galaxies El Gordo

There are a lot of strange phenomena existing in our world. One of them is a giant cluster of galaxies El Gordo. It is 9.7 billion light years away. It contains about 3,000,000,000,000,000 (three million billion stars). Chances to find extraterrestrial life here are big. .

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