One Knows Where The Shoes Hurt. Well, We Know How To Make Them Comfortable And Clean

Suppose you bought new shoes. Now you want to know how to look after this new pair, don’t you? Or suppose your old shoes need makeover. Or suppose your shoes are tight for you and when you put them on, you feel every step you make as if you walk on hot coals. Or suppose your shoes smell unmercifully, or they squeak annoyingly. Here are solutions to your problems with footwear. Read below how to make wearing your shoes pleasant.

1.White Footwear

White shoes, like white teeth, are better cleaned with toothpaste. Just do not agonize over the brand of a toothpaste. For shoes, its quality is less important.  Aquafresh, Colgate, or Pepsodent will do the job equally well.

2.Tight Shoes

If you feel that your shoes are tight, wear them with woolen socks. Then put your hair dryer on maximum heat and direct the hot air on your shoes, blowing it for a couple of minutes. Your shoes should get looser. Alternatively, stretch your tight shoes with the help of bags filled with water. Pour water in small cellophane bags and close them tightly. Then insert these bags into your shoes and put them in your freezer. According to a physical law, water will expand and will become denser. With expanding water inside, your shoes will also expand.

3.New Shoes

When you put on new shoes, they are bound to make you suffer and leave your feet blistered. In order to prevent the appearance of blebs, spray deodorant on your feet right before you wear your new shoes.

4.Smelling and Squeaking Footwear

If your shoes have an unpleasant whiff so obviously that you are ashamed to take them off when people are around, place in them tea bags. They will neutralize bad smell in your shoes. If your footwear squeaks so loudly that coming home late at night without waking the whole house up is impossible, sprinkle them from inside with baby powder or talcum. The same trick will eliminate bad odor from your shoes.

5.Winter Shoes

If you intend walking on icy roads in winter, to avoid falling over you need to stick a medical cloth plaster on the soils of your shoes. With this plaster, you will be able to march on ice as on grass and will stay unharmed through the whole winter.

6.Water Resistant Shoes

If your shoes lick, rub bee wax all over them and dry them with hair dryer afterwards. The hot air will melt the wax and will make your footwear water resistant.

7.Suede Shoes

If you need to clean suede shoes, clean them with masking tape. Simply stick the tape over them and pull it up. Dirt will migrate from your shoes to the tape, which you will need to throw away after the procedure.

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