No More Headache – 7 Natural Hangover Cures

So you had another wild night out on the town, ha?

That’s the fun part, The not so fun part?

The Hangover that comes with the next morning.

Here are just a few natural cures to make the pounding go away and help you recover quickly

1.Eat Some Thistle Seeds

Eating Thistle seeds helps your liver process and break down the alcoholic components of whatever you had last night. You can actually have them before going out and they'll enhance the liver's ability before you even start drinking.

2.Nash On A Few Tumeric Roots

Yes, They're quite bitter and possibly disgusting, but that serves a purpose - the bitterness speeds up a few secretions from various food glands that help break down the sugars found in alcohol.

3.Consume A Few Artichoke Leaves

When Cooked they're quite delicious, but if just washed and eaten they produce a reaction very similar to Tumeric roots, helping activate stomach juices and breaking down the alcohol still in your system.

4.Black Cumin To The Rescue

Sometimes referred to as "Nigella" - which is the name of its genus, these seeds contain many vitamins and minerals that your central nerve system might be missing in the wake of your fun night out.

5.Get Yourself A Ginger & Pear Cactus Shake

This Shake will combat one of the biggest side effects of drinking - being sick to your stomach. The vitamins and minerals found in these items will replenish those that evaporated from your body around the 5th shot of tequila.  

6.Drink Some Liquorice Tea

Ironic that a candy most of us hated as kids can be one of the most effective cures for a hangover. Take a stick of liquorice (natural, not candied), add about half a liter of hot water and let simmer for 10 minutes, then drink. The "tea" you consumed will help coat your stomach lining and slow down any alcohol trying to work its way into your system

7.Don't Take Any Medicine Containing Paracetamol!

Your head may be aching and calling for some medicinal relief, but taking any pill that contains paracetamol will only delay your recovery! Paracetamol contains certain chemicals that slow down the liver's natural reaction and don't allow it to evacuate any excess alcohol from your system.

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