Difficulty Sleeping? Use These 8 Clever Tricks To Get The Sleep You Deserve

You are sleepy. You brush your teeth, undress, jump under your blanket, and switch off the light. But instead of falling asleep, as you have just intended, you find yourself engaged in internal monologues. One subject changes another in your head, and hours after, you are still tossing in your bed annoyed that sleep does not come. If this description sounds familiar, read on and find out how not to debate with yourself when you go to bed. 

1.Imagine A Swinging Ball

We count sheep, when we cannot sleep. But sheep in our imagination usually move around making it difficult for us to list them one by one. We feel frustrated and instead of nodding off, we return to our thoughts. The more effective way to distract yourself from thoughts is to imagine a swinging ball like one of those used by hypnotizers putting their patients to sleep. Visualize the ball that is moving back and forth and is making colorful waves around itself. If you notice that you started thinking of your problems again, concentrate on the ball harder.

2.Use A Mental Mouse

When you cannot sleep, imagine any object you want and start rotating it as if using a mouse on your computer. You may bring this object forward or farter, or turn it around or upside down, or change its size. Playing with the object in your mind will distract you from unwanted thoughts. The only challenge here is not to discuss the object's movements with yourself in your mind. Relax and just watch how the object is changing.

3.Method of Spies

This is how spies fall asleep: lie on your back, stretch yourself, and relax. Roll up your eyes behind closed eyelids. But be careful, do not strain your eyes in so doing. Your eyes should remain relaxed. This position of your eyeballs is their natural one during sleep. This is why it is easier to fall asleep with your eyes rolled up and shut.

4.Four, Seven, Eight

Breath in air with your nose for four seconds, then hold your breath for seven second; then slowly breathe out through your mouth. Breathing out should take you eight seconds. Such breathing causes your level of adrenaline to lower down. Your pulse will slow down as well. By concentrating on breathing you will also stop thinking of your problems.

5.Build a Time Machine In Your Imagination

Slowly recall events of the day, one by one, as if winding a clock back. Try to distance yourself from these events, thinking of them non judgmentally and not emotionally. It is important to recollect as many details as possible but to watch them from outside, as if on a television screen.


Close your eyes. Then open them for a second and close them again. In ten seconds, open them for a moment again. This kind of winking will relax you and will take your mind of distracting thoughts.

7.Move Your Eyes Quickly

Open your eyes and then quickly move them from one object to another. But do not linger on anything. Just look at different objects for a couple of minutes. In doing so you are bound to feel how your eyelids get heavier. Once your eyes get tired, resist the temptation to close them for a while. Then you will fall asleep.

8.Play With Words

Make up three-letter words beginning with every letter of the alphabet. After this, start searching for four- and five-letter words in your brain. But try not to analyze those words. Simply choose any word that first comes to your mind. Doing such monotonous, boring activity, our brain switches itself off very quickly usually.

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