7 Clever Ways To Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Spending A Fortune

Autumn is the season that brings a need to wear clothes different from summer outfits. You can no longer open your closet and fish a suitable item out of it: it is full of summer dresses and shorts. What you are to do is to alter its content so as to be up to date and, in so doing, to throw some items away, because you will not wear them this season. Here is how you update your wardrobe.

1.Bin Everything Wrong Size.

Revising the contents of your closet gives you an opportunity to be honest; do not delude yourself about your weight and throw away all clothes that are meant to be worn as soon as you shed extra pounds or that used to fit you when you were slimmer. All those skirts that do not close on your waist, those jeans that you cannot pull up higher than your hips must be dispensed of. Clothes should be comfortable and well-fitting. So, go ahead, leave only those items that are of your size.

2.Throw Away Everything That Is Tattered.

You also need to summon up courage and get rid of clothes which are worn out. Do not shelve back all those items which are stretched or stained, whose colors have faded, whose zippers got broken and buttons got lost, because, as you reckon, you might still put them on at home or when working in the garden. We need to look tidy at home too, no matter what we do. Be brave, then, chuck all your ragged clothes.

3.Keep Items In Coordination.

After you have discarded your ill-fitting and shabby clothes, have a look at what is left and see if items in your wardrobe are in coordination. Do you have one pair of jeans and ten jumpers? Are there five skirts and two shirts? Are all of your clothes dark with no bright items to offset them? Seeing where there is no balance between items in your wardrobe will help you to decide what you need to purchase to look well-dressed.

4.Purchase Only Bare Essentials.

Now when you see what you lack, go on a shopping spree but make sure not to overbuy stuff. Make a list of the basic items you need in keeping with current fashion trends or your work specificity. If you closely follow fashion, this season you will are advised to buy a cocoon dress, a leather jacket, well-fitting jeans, a shirt, dolly shoes, black high-heeled shoes, and beige sweater. But of course, you may add a few items to the list depending on your needs.

5.Leave Past Behind.

Sorting out your clothes is a kind of psychotherapy. Clothes items often have sentimental value for us; this skirt reminds us of the last summer when we were happy on vacation in Spain; these shoes were worn for our second cousin's engagement, where we saw all our extended family. So, if you come across items in your wardrobe that remind you of a sad event, throw it to a rubbish bin. Why would you need to collect negativity around yourself or, worse, to wear it on yourself?

6.Sort Out Accessories.

Go through your accessories as strictly as you went through your clothes. If you lost one of your gloves, do not keep another. If zippers on your boots have long been broken and you did not bother to mend them, throw them away as well. Do not box broken jewelry either: you will have no use of a bracelet missing stones. But if you misplaced one of your earrings, do not rush to bin it. An earring in one ear is trendy this season.

7.Keep Pests Away.

In order for your clothes to stay fresh and undamaged by pests, take necessary precautions. You will not have horrid holes in your jumpers and your shoes will not have an unpleasant whiff, if you scatter among your clothes moth balls, fabric softener sheets, or cedar blocks, or if you hang your clothes on a special no-moth hangers.

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