Go Fry an Egg! There are Seven Ways to Do So.

If I ask you how you want eggs cooked for you, you might reply that you like them hard-boiled, or scrambled, or poached, or you can say that you prefer omelet. I may further ask you what omelet you prefer. If you are not an egg lover, you will simply reply that, well, you like omelet fried and folded around a filling. I will not know what omelet to cook still, because there are seven ways to make it.

1.Spanish Omelet.

To make an omelet in the Spanish style, you would need to have not only eggs but also butter, onion, parsley, and, what makes the Spanish omelet unique, potato. After you have melted butter in the oven, fry on it peeled and sliced potato until it gets dark golden. Then add to it pepper and onion, frying potato until onion gets soft. Whip eggs in the bowl and pour them over potato, frying your omelet no longer than 4 minutes. Afterwards, place it inside the hot oven until it gets covered with brown crust.

2.Vegetable Omelet.

If you want to cook a vegetable omelet, you will need to have, in addition to eggs, parsley, tarragon, and chives. When you whip eggs in the bowl, add to them parsley, tarragon, and chives together with salt and pepper. Then fry it on melted butter until it is ready enough to be turned over on the frying pen.

3.Omelet with backon and brandy.

For those who enjoy a drop of alcohol in the morning and who are neither Jewish nor Muslim, there is an omelet with beckon and brandy. In order to cook it, you will need not only eggs but also, of course, beckon, brandy, cherry tomatoes, basil, and cheese. First you will need to fry beckon until it becomes crispy, poring brandy over it afterwards. Then you will need to fry whipped eggs, adding basil, cherry tomatoes, and cheese to your omelet, once it is almost ready. When your omelet is on the plate, add beckon.

4.Maxican Omelet.

For the Mexican omelet, together with eggs buy also avocado, onion, lime, carrots, cabbage, cilantro, chilly pepper, cheese, and Greek yogurt. Start your cooking with blending avocado with cilantro, yogurt, and lime juice. After this, you will need to grind a carrot and onion and to cut cabbage and chilly pepper. Once everything all vegetables are cut, mix them with avocado. Make your omelet as usual but before serving it, place your vegetables on top of it.

5.Sandwich with Omelet.

Bread-lovers will be happy to know that they can have a sandwich with omelet. To prepare it, you will need eggs, ham, and large tomato. After you have whipped eggs in the bowl, add to them thinly sliced ham, and pour everything into the frying pen. While your omelet is cooking, cut your bread and rub it with tomato. Then divide your fried omelet into four parts and make a sandwich.

6.Asian Omelet, baked in Oven.

Should you fancy a more complicated omelet, bake the Asian one. For it, you will need shallots, sliced ham, mushrooms, peas, small shrimps, legumes, and cilantro. Purchase also soy sauce. While your oven is warming up, whip eggs. Then you will need to fry ham, mushrooms, peas, and shrimps. Once they are ready, pour your whipped eggs over them, baking your omelet for about 12 minutes. Serve your omelet with cilantro and soy sauce.

7.Strawberry Omelet.

People with sweet teeth will enjoy a Strawberry omelet. In addition to eggs you will need strawberries and cheese, both of which is better to cut into small pieces. When your omelet is nearly ready, place cheese and strawberries on one half of it, folding both halves and making a kind of envelope. Fry the folded omelet for another 2 minutes.

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