Want To Get Rich? Avoid These Habits

People are divided into good and bad or into fair and dark. They are also typecast as rich and poor. If it is sometimes difficult to classify ourselves as good or bad, we can always determine the state of our finances and group ourselves with the rich or the poor. But our classification of ourselves might not reflect the real state of affairs, because some people program themselves to be poor. These signs say that you condemn yourself to poverty.

1.You Always Feel Sorry For Yourself

Your programming yourself for poverty starts with the habit to feel sorry for yourself. Everything becomes a cause for self-pity: your looks, family, friends, work, and lack of money. Any occasion, even such a trivial one as a long queue in a supermarket, triggers in you complaints about your lack of luck. The problem is that people who always moan drive others away. Others stop talking to them and inviting them to parties. As a result, people who wallow in self-pity lose friends and, consequently, connections indispensable for good career and financial independence.

2.You Economize On Everything

Do you constantly think how to save money? do you buy products only on sales? do you suspect that your colleagues earn more than you? do you consider a law to leave tips in a restaurant a mistake? Then, there is a bad news for you: you are on the way to poverty. Specialists say that a habit to economize on everything is not a sign of reasonable thriftiness. You simply cannot strike a balance between your income and expenses. Wealthy people are willing to pay what products cost. They are also happy to pay for people's work.  

3.You Measure Everything By Money

Only people who are doomed to remain always poor think that happiness is impossible without financial stability. They are convinced that only lucrative cars, expensive house, and fashionable clothes can make their life fulfilled and worth living. Sociologists say that only poor people express a desire to get more money, when they are asked what they want in life. Wealthy people name true love and friendship as conducive to a happy life. Nor are rich people proud of their bank accounts; in their eyes, successful people do not depend on the quantity of money they posses.

4.You Panic, When You run Out Of Money

If the very thought that you might be fired makes your pulse race, you have already programmed yourself to be poor. Wealthy people understand that, like everything else in the world, money is in the state of constant flux. They know that money comes, many goes, and vice versa.

5.You Spend More Than You Earn

Even if you shuttle between two jobs and work extra hours, but still do not have money left in your bank account, you must be doing something wrong. Spending beyond your means will eventually lead you to inevitable poverty.

6.You Do The Job You Do Not Like

Psychologists say that those people who hate their jobs are potentially open to poverty and failure. The reason for this is negative feelings triggered in them by a necessity to do what they do not like.  Only when they are passionate about their work can these people be successful and, consequently, wealthy.

7.You Stay Away From your Family

All wealthy people value their parents and families most of all in life. They know that nobody else but family can give them love and shelter in the times of troubles.  

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