Do You Care About Your Fitness Success? Forget About These Work-Out Misconceptions

Everyone is into fitness these days. Gyms are crowded with people lifting weights; aerobics and Zumba classes are filled to excess; those who do not want to drive to gyms, exercise at home in the virtual company of such celebrity trainers as Shaun T, Toni Horton, and Chalene Johnson. Yet despite this fitness boom and trainers’ willingness to share their knowledge about work-outs with others, people still misunderstand what exercise does to them. Read below about common misconceptions about fitness.  

1.To Lose Weight You Have To Work Out

As dieticians know, this is not so. Dieting is more effective in the short run than exercising. It is only in the long run, when you need to keep your weight intact, that working out helps more.

2.Lifting Weights Transforms Fat Into Muscles

Bad news is that lifting weights will neither transform your fat into muscles nor will make your weak guns firm and bulging. What lifting weights does is increasing your muscle mass.

3.The Best Time For Working Out Is Morning

Scientists tell us that any time of the day is good for exercising. You should work out whenever you have time or when you feel more energetic. Yet if your aim is to slim down, then you do need to exercise in the morning. If our biological clock is synchronized with natural biorhythms, our metabolism works better and quicker. You need the sunlight to loose weight. Those people who regularly spend two hours in the morning outside in the sun are generally slimmer than those who stay indoors.

4.Women Should Not Lift Weights Lest She Gets Bulky.

Stay assured that getting a bulky, muscular, and manly figure is not going to happen to a woman who exercises. How much a person gets bulky depends on the level of testosterones in his or her body. Women do not have much of this hormone, so, in their case, becoming muscular cannot be easily achieved without supplements.

5.Working Out Once Or Twice A Week Is Enough

Exercising only that often will bring nil results. You should work out at least thrice a week. Most of the fitness programs, such as Insanity, Insanity Max 30, T-25, P90X, P90X3, and others, that guarantee good results, presuppose that you will exercise five or six times a week.

6.If You Stop Exercising, It Will Take You Two Weeks To Lose Form

Unfortunately, such thinking is wish-fulfillment. Those muscles that you stopped training will cease being visible within a couple of days.

7.To Run Marathon Is The Best Way To Get Slim And Fit

Running short distances is as healthy as running a marathon. It will be enough for you to run ten or fifteen minutes to benefit your body as much as marathon runners benefit theirs. Those people who run less than an hour a week, provided they run every day, get as healthy as those who run more than three hours a week. Short and intensive exercises, too, are more effective than long, exhausting work-outs, as such programs as T-25 and Insanity Max 30 clearly bear out.

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