Curious Facts About The Houses Where Our Souls Live

We feel our bodies every second; we constantly respond to their needs; we are also surrounded by bodies of other people and have to navigate among them, either giving them their personal space or intruding upon it, or even, accidentally or purposefully, colliding with them. We also take care of our bodies by feeding, training, grooming, or curing them. But there are still so much what we do not know about our bodies. Information below will not surprise only anatomists.  

1.Our Bodies Are Of Different Sizes During The Day

The size of our bodies change depending on the time of the day. They are longer in the morning, because while we are sleeping in a horizontal position our intervertebral discs are being filled with fresh liquid; our back muscles are relaxing as well during our sleep. Hence, we are taller in the morning.  

2.Our Stomachs Contain Burning Acid

The cells of our stomach produce hydrochloric acidIt is exactly the same acid that is used in metallurgy. It can dissolve the steel, though it leaves the human gastric mucous membrane intact. This is why every two weeks the cells of our gastric mucosa regenerate themselves; otherwise our stomach will start digesting itself.

3.Our Skin Has Four Colors

Without pigmentation, any skin will be white. Subcutaneous vessels add a bit of redness to our skin. Yellow pigment adds to it different shades. A sepia melanin is produced in response to our exposure to ultraviolet radiationin the case of excessive development of sepia melanin, the skin color becomes black. Depending on how these four colors are mixed in their skin, people get different skin colors.

4.Our Nerves Are Long

You will be surprised to know that our bodies contain seventy five kilometers of nerves. When we say that someone is a bundle of nerves, we thus should imagine a huge bundle of them, really bigger than life.

5.Our Heads

If we apply ourselves to banging our heads against the wall, we will be able to lose 150 kilo calories per hour. If you feel lazy to exercise, you might thus start hitting your head against the wall. This will make you lose some extra pounds eventually (and a bit of your mind too, but that is another story already).

6.Our Bones

Half of the bones that our skeleton contains are in our feet and wrists.

7.Our Brain And Electric Impulses

Our brains generate during a day more electric impulses than our smart phones and computers together.

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