Back-To-School Things You Know You Did In The 90s

Oh 90s love. You remember those days leading up to back-to-school when every commercial on TV lured you into wanting anything and everything for your first day debut.

1.Teen heart throbs anyone? You know you decorated your room with all the YM regulars.

2.Snazzy pencils with the most outrageous colors and prints, oh yes.

3.Glittery stickers to decorate your notebooks and locker rooms with.

4.Every mocha shade of lip color from lipstick to lip balm lip gloss and chap stick.

5.A TI-83 graphing calculator is a life-saver.

6.When flip glosses were all the rage.

7.Jansport or L.L Bean? Jansport all the way.. DUH.

8.A day planner in every color of the rainbow, for sure.

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