Accidental Heroes – 7 Minor Characters That Turned Into Major Success Stories

When you make a movie you work hard to create heroes and villains.

But sometimes, the audience unexpectedly takes to a side character, making it a cult phenomenon overnight.

Here are just a few of these accidental heroes

1.The Genie -

This was was actually an accident waiting to happen. When film makers cast genius comedian Robin Williams to voice the genie in the latest Disney cartoon hit they were probably counting in his comedic timing to whip out a few zingers. What they got was a lesson in delivery and improvisation that actually forced them to slightly alter the movie itself. When the movie was released his version of the Genie became an instant all time favorite.

2.Boba Fett -

Initially appearing in the now infamous "Star Wars Holiday Special" as a side character Fett became a sort of secondary villain to Darth Vader by the time the 2dn Star Wars movie rolled into theaters, but even then did not enjoy too much screen time. In the years since, Fett has taken on a more prominent role in Star Wars cannon thanks to the support of rabid fans, so much so that there are now rumors of him getting a solo movie in the next decade.

3.Jay And Silent Bob - Kevin Smith Movies (1992 onwards)

Director Kevin Smith needed a couple of off beat side characters for his first movie "Clerks" so he cast good friend Jason Mewes as "Jay" and himself as "Silent Bob". Each character was only enjoyed limited screen time and very few lines, but for some reason, as Smith's cult following grew, audiences gravitated to the totally hetero stoner couple, so much so that with each movie Smith made he kept giving them larger roles, culminating in a movie of their own (Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back).

4.Agent Phil Coulson - Marvel Movies (2008-2012)

Agent Coulson first appeared in Iron Man in a role that lasted all of 2 minutes of screen time, but subsequent appearances made his portrayal of S.H.I.E.L.D's field agent / go to guy one of the best parts of each marvel movie that followed. He even graduated to semi-main chracter in the first "Avengers" movie in 2012, before moving on to leading a TV show.

5.Daryl Dixon -

Everyone's favorite redneck/crossbow totting maniac was not even supposed to be on the show. He auditioned for the role of Merle that ended up being given to actor Michael Rooker but producers loved him so much they created another character for him. Over the years he's become such a central character to the series to the extent that fans threaten riots if he's killed off.

6.Inigo Montoya -

Quick, what the thing you remember most about "The Princess Bride"? Odds are you answered "Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya, You killed my father - Prepare to die", and you would not be alone. A key character in the plot of the movie, Inigo is possibly the most memorable part of the entire movie thanks to brilliant actor Mandy Patinkin's performance.

7.The Minions -

Ahh, those funny rascals. Originally meant to be pure comic relief in the animated comedy these lovable yellow critters became crowd favorites, producing endless merchandise and even their own spin off movie in 2015.

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